We give site owners more of what they need most... Time!

TIE's Technology Solutions Programs are exclusively designed to free busy owners of technology maintenance responsibilities so they can do other things. TSPs offer access to a TIE Enhanced Help Desk that provides a one-call solution for technology issues.

Participants call in 24/7 for assistance and TIE takes it from there. The TSP team will place additional calls and coordinate solutions between any outside vendors.

This comprehensive service can save you many frustrating hours on the phone triaging with various Help Desks and coordinating on-site repair personnel. TIE does it all with the TSP!

Your Technology Solutions Program is specifically designed for service and maintenance at all your locations in accordance with corporate's specific requirements and standards.

    Without the Technology Solutions Program....
  • Problems with your Point of Sale System? - Call your corporate office.
  • Problems with your computer? - Call the manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc.).
  • Problems with your telephone system or services? - Contact the original telephone system installation vendor or carrier.
  • Problems with your network installation? - Call the company that installed the technology.

    With the Technology Solutions Program one call does it all!


Choose the right program: PLUS or LITE


  • 24/7/365 Technology Support
  • Triage and Remote Programming for All Installed Technology
  • Service Provider Liaison Service
  • RMA Facilitation for Any Vendor
  • Support for All On-site Technicians
  • Device Training for All Qualified Equipment
  • IE Quality Control
  • TIE Technician Guarantee
  • Corporate Standards Security
  • Minimum Business Impact Assurance

... And more time to focus on your business!

THE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PLUS program is what multi-location business owners have been waiting for! The Plus plan includes priority, expedited nationwide service technician dispatches from TIE's help desk. Trip and labor costs are pre-approved for immediate on-site dispatches.

THE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LITE PLAN includes all the standard benefits with no included dispatches at a reduced monthly rate. Authorization of time and material rates is required prior to dispatch for on-site services.

Contact us for pricing information or to set up a TSP program for your corporation.

"As an owner of multiple locations, dealing with technology issues is part of the normal course of business. The TSP program is like an "insurance policy" to help keep my clinic's technology up and running."

- Sol Glastein,
Franchise Owner & Regional Developer